The Bull and Barrel Pub is open 364 days a year.

Victoria Day is a sign that summer is just around the corner - really! Only in Canada and Scotland, do we have a holiday to honour Queen Victoria's birthday, May 24, 1819. ...She was one of the longest sitting monarchs in British history, and she gives us an excuse to have a long weekend in late May. What's not to like about Queen Victoria's birthday?

And after you've completed your May 2-4 traditions, come and catch up with your buddies and reconnect with old friends. The Bull and Barrel Pub is the perfect spot; we've been a part of the local neighborhood for decades. Stop in, have a seat at the bar and wind down. Enjoy an evening with friends or family. in the real pub atmosphere on Saturday night, and remember... every hour is Happy Hour when it's spent with Good Friends.

Whatever your Holiday Monday activity, complete your day here.

Happy Victoria Day!