About Us

Tucked into the east end of Cedar Pointe Business Park, the Bull and Barrel Pub was initially opened in April 1995. After it closed in the early summer of 2005, Wickenbull Inc. took over ownership. It was reopened in December 2005 after a significant reno and refresh under the watchful eye of three women; Cathy Buller, Liz Cowden, and Yvette Wicksted.

Their goal was to create an establishment that combined the characteristics of a British Pub with the neighborhood bars that Canadians find so appealing; not to be specifically English, Scottish, or Irish. Much like pubs back home, the dark wood interior, and cozy fireplace, create an atmosphere easily reminding many of their 'local'. It's where friends and neighbors come to meet and share conversations over great food and beverages.

Televisions to show sporting events or keep up with the news are on, however, these TVs are a supplemental form of entertainment, not the main attraction. The pub is not and does not market itself as a sports bar. At "The Bull", conversations are the entertainment, friends entertaining friends, with the exception of the local live music on many a Saturday night.

Close to a Hwy 400 interchange, we are the perfect stop-off on your way up to cottage and ski country or on your way back home to the city. Cathy and Yvette still run the pub today and believe it is much more fun to eat at a pub, than drink in a restaurant. We are "what a real pub should be". Come in and judge for yourself.