Great Lakes Privateers

We're inviting you to stop by September 17th to practice for the big day - St. Patrick's Day. This rollicking group was formed in 2012 after the guys had a night of binge drinking and poor decisions. I'm pretty sure there was a 27-masted schooner somewhere in that conversation, but we digress…

The Great Lakes Privateers is a band dedicated to good music, good friends, and having a good time, all of which can be found at the Bull and Barrel Pub on St Practice Day. Come on down and try not to tap your feet. Betcha can’t!

In no particular order, the members are:

Ken "the Piper" Kalvaitis, Neil "Shakes" Williamson, Mike "Wolfe" Fletcher, Dan "Dan" Murray, Andrew "Big Red" Guest.

We are happy that these guys have agreed to come help us practice, after all we only have 6 months to go!