• 8:00 pm

Meet the dynamic duo at the heart and soul of McKenna, a musical act like no other, consisting of two incredibly talented brothers, Ryan and Joel McKenna. With their unique blend of skills and undeniable chemistry, they bring a fresh and captivating energy to the stage.

Ryan, a vocal instructor and former theatre arts major, takes center stage as the lead vocalist, infusing every note with passion and emotion. His musical prowess extends to the enchanting sounds of the tin whistle, adding an extra layer of enchantment to their performances.

Joel, on the other hand, brings his extensive production experience to the table, having crafted recordings for a diverse array of artists. In addition to his role as a producer, Joel lends his rich tenor voice to harmonious background vocals, while skillfully strumming the rhythm on an acoustic guitar. The combination of Ryan's baritone and Joel's tenor is a testament to the special connection that only brothers can share, creating a harmonious sound that resonates deeply with their audiences.

What truly sets McKenna apart is their infectious sense of humor and playful banter, known to light up the atmosphere at pubs and venues everywhere. As the music flows, the laughter and hysterical antics are just as much a part of the show as the music itself.

In between their songs, McKenna invites you to partake in the East Coast tradition of a heartfelt "sociable" toast. Raise your glass, share a drink with fellow revelers, and then let the rhythm sweep you away onto the dance floor. It's a celebration that promises laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments.