Honouring Richard Wolfe

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our long-time Kitchen Manager and friend Richard Wolfe after a courageous battle with cancer.

Richard has been a steady presence at the Bull and Barrel Pub since 2006. His take-charge attitude and willingness to take on ordering, pretty much any menu-tweak, experiment with a new recipe, or tackle parties and even a wedding or two made him nearly indispensable. He hired our kitchen crew and saw a strength in each of them that enabled them to step forward during his illness and now to carry on in his absence.

Many of his vendors became friends and knew him as fun-loving and friendly, always with a sarcastic joke, sometimes served with a hot cup of his famous soup on a cold morning. Others knew him as that crusty chef at the Bull who put them in their place or sent them packing if you misstepped or overstepped.

Our customers also got to know his face in the dining room when he would pop out of the kitchen to see what was happening. He always wanted to know what was happening. He was especially drawn to our older clientele and the youngest. If their favorite meal or appetizer was not on the menu, it did not matter. He would keep it in stock so he could prepare it when they came in or customize a recipe just for them.

He remembered birthdays, anniversaries and had a soft spot for a hard-luck story. He helped staff members, friends, and family over the years never asking for thanks, just respect. He was so proud and protective of the pub, you'd think he owned it. Every year on Dec 21st, at precisely 3 PM, he'd join Yvette and toast another year in business and wish for success in the next. As with any relationship, there were bumps, but there were more laughs than bumps. The pub will never be the same without him.

Richard will be missed.